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How We Work

We’re the flexible missing link in your operational team.  

Working from the inside-out with your business, we’ll guide you through all the big milestones like: attracting investment, going into new markets and launching new products and services.

We’ll help you manage your legal strategy, process and budget better. And work with you to take your business wherever you want to go.

We’ll help you avoid revenue killers like bad deals, disputes or ineffective contracts. And handle all your day-to-day work too.

How We Charge

  • There are no hidden costs.  We work on a range of different, transparent, pre-agreed fee structures – a day/hourly rate (where it’s not possible to scope a project) or fixed fee (where it is). 
  • Many of our clients work with us on a retainer basis for an agreed number of days each month.  We also offer volume discounts.
  • You’ll always know how much you’re spending and what you’re getting for your money.
  • Our flexible model means your support can be used when you need it and scaled up or down depending on the volume and urgency of work – you only pay for the time actually spent carrying it out.
  • Although we provide a different service, as a guide we’re generally more affordable than outsourcing work to a typical law firm.

Case Studies

From legal mayhem to calm, effective order

The challenge: Our client had no in-house legal function. Sometimes legal matters were being ignored until they reached boiling point. At other times, they were being handled by different ...

Speedy, affordable dispute resolution

The challenge: Our client had been stuck in ongoing disputes with their sub-contractors.  The law firm helping with the negotiations wasn’t being used effectively and costs were spiralling out ...

From contract chaos to faster revenues

The challenge: Our fast-growing technology client needed urgent help with their customer contracts and negotiations. Contracts were taking way too long to complete which was slowing their revenues. Why ...

Intricate tech roll-out across 4 continents

The challenge: Our client needed to roll out new HR software across their many offices in the US, Europe, Asia and South America.  It was a complex project because ...

100 contracts closed out fast for a complex global partnership

The challenge: Our enterprise software client wanted to ramp up, fast.  It needed to sell its solutions via a global network of around 100 interested partners, all within 6 ...