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How We Charge

  • TRANSPARENT – no hidden costs, you know how much you’re spending and what you’re getting for your money
  • FLEXIBLE – support can be scaled up or down depending on volume and urgency
  • AFFORDABLE – more cost-effective than a law firm

Flexible In-House Legal Support

Project Or Fixed Fee

  • Small budgets / start-ups
  • Supports short term business goals
  • Quick advice & support
  • Great for ad-hoc work (e.g. fundraising, trade marks, templates, training & GDPR and other compliance projects)

Monthly Retainer

  • Scale-ups / fast growth companies
  • Setting up / maintaining legal function
  • Great for regular legal work (e.g. works well for contractual negotiations)
  • Value / volume discount
  • Flex up or down
  • Predictable legal budget management
  • Managing & prioritising legal
  • Single point of contact working as part of ops team
  • Proactive legal (e.g. helps reduce business risk, simplifies processes, implementing easy workflow to promote self serve culture)

Who We Work With

Our Community

LegalEdge values its business relationships with other service providers and is passionate about creating a strong community that adds real value to our clients.

A LegalEdge Community Member is a business that shares the same vision as us and is focussed on helping SMEs use the right resources to grow. We work hard to develop trusted relationships with our members so we’re confident we can introduce them to our clients. And, in return we’re happy in the knowledge they will introduce clients to us for the mutual benefit of growing our businesses.

Case Studies

Dealing with a Trade Mark objection

The Challenge:, an AI company offering a range of solutions for development and investment firms, was growing rapidly and they wanted to ensure their brand was protected in-line ...

Expanding into new markets (whilst doing day-to-day legals too)

The Challenge: Depop were growing rapidly (in 2020 they quickly reached 25 million users globally) and recognised the importance of extending its reach to the US market as quickly as ...

From legal mayhem to calm, effective order

legal mayhem icon

The challenge: Our client had no in-house legal function. Sometimes legal matters were being ignored until they reached boiling point. At other times, they were being handled by different ...

Speedy, affordable dispute resolution

resolving disputes icon

The challenge: Our client had been stuck in ongoing disputes with their sub-contractors. The law firm helping with the negotiations wasn’t being used effectively and costs were spiralling out ...

From contract chaos to faster revenues

The challenge: Our fast-growing technology client needed urgent help with their customer contracts and negotiations. Contracts were taking way too long to complete which was slowing their revenues. Why ...

Intricate tech roll-out across 4 continents

tech roll out icon

The challenge: Our client needed to roll out new HR software across their many offices in the US, Europe, Asia and South America. It was a complex project because ...


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