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Dealing with Underperformers

The Challenge:

The company wasn’t dealing with underperforming staff due to a lack of experience, and also a lack of confidence, in the management team. This was having a negative impact on team morale and productivity.

This is a common problem in scaling companies during a period of rapid growth, when lots of new hires are made quickly, sometimes without proper due diligence, or where the structure isn’t in place yet to onboard and manage them properly.

The Solution:

  1. We updated the company’s performance management and disciplinary procedures to make sure they worked for the business (they’d been using a template that wasn’t clear or good enough). 
  2. We made sure there was clear ongoing communication re performance standards and guidance on how to meet them, with different options for staff, using a combination of online information and training/ information in meetings. 
  3. We ran some practical training for managers so they felt more confident in addressing performance and capability issues as and when they arose. 
  4. We put policies/processes in place and made them easily accessible to ensure that: 
  • Staff didn’t put their head in the sand / hope someone else would deal with the issue. 
  • Issues were escalated and decisions taken re who and how issues would be dealt with.
  • Managers felt able to talk to the people involved to uncover any underlying issues early on, and they understood how to differentiate between temporary lapses v a persistent failure to meet expected standards. They also understood and felt better equipped to deal with the potential impact of hidden/unknown disabilities (eg neurodiversity) on performance. 
  • Staff knew that additional support was available, such as training, coaching, mentoring, etc. 
  • Staff knew there was a formal performance management process that would be followed if needed, with agreed timelines for improvement and review meetings to monitor progress.

The Results:

  • Improved staff performance, productivity, morale and engagement.
  • Reduced cost and time (and likely legal risks) spent dealing with disciplinary matters and terminating staff.
  • Strengthened organisational culture. 
  • Identification of systemic issues.
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