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Dealing with people issues whilst navigating employment legislation

The Challenge:

The management team lacked confidence / competence to handle people-related issues, and also had a patchy understanding of employment law. This was leading to unnecessary conflicts and wasted time/money dealing with them.

The Solution:

Training to provide practical skills to deal with some common challenges within the boundaries of employment law, in a series of virtual or in-person sessions.

This training equips managers with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of people related issues, which not only safeguards the business against unnecessary risk of legal claims, but also fosters a supportive workplace culture.

Topics include: 

  • the importance of employment contracts and policies, 
  • handling complaints / grievances, 
  • managing absenteeism, 
  • managing underperforming staff, 
  • dealing with bullying behaviour,
  • avoiding discrimination,
  • understanding parental rights,
  • health and safety obligations.

Training sessions are interactive and customisable, allowing flexibility based on specific needs and the depth of understanding required. Sessions use real case studies and practical scenarios, enabling managers to grasp legal concepts and apply them effectively in their day-to-day roles.

The Results:

  • Enhanced confidence: equipping managers with an understanding of how to deal with common practical issues within employment legislation fosters confidence and enables the team to identify potential risks early and address them proactively.
  • Risk mitigation: with improved awareness of legal obligations, managers are better equipped to navigate potential legal pitfalls, reducing the likelihood of costly disputes, grievances, and tribunal claims.
  • Improved staff relations: effective management of issues promotes a positive work environment, fostering trust and open communication, which, in turn, leads to higher morale and productivity.
  • Aligned practices: training fosters alignment between teams, ensuring consistency and fairness in decision-making across the business. This also strengthens the employer-employee relationship and minimises the risk of legal challenges.
  • Strategic investment: by investing in training, businesses demonstrate a commitment to compliance and risk management, laying a foundation for sustainable growth and success.
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