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Are you spending too much on legal fees? Or winging it with cheap templates?

As flexible business lawyers who have all worked in-house we know how to manage your day-to-day legal requirements and budgets better. And we use tried and tested templates and tech solutions to give you the best results and save money.

We’re an alternative to the law firms whose approach is too complex, too expensive or just impractical. We don’t do endless letters of advice or prolonged contract negotiations. We don’t put the clock on and leave it on. We simply help businesses keep control of workflow, priorities and budget.

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Is legal the missing link in your ops team?

All fast-growth companies should have a joined-up ops team which includes a proper legal strategy and budget, with processes in place to scale faster and more efficiently.

It’s about ensuring you’re using the right legal resource which supports your overall objectives, taking you closer towards your goals.

Want to achieve this for your business? We’re confident we’ll not only improve your processes but we’ll cut your legal spend too!

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Back in the early 2000s, as a head of legal for a global organisation, when I needed additional resource for my team it was a huge challenge to find ...

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