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Expanding into new markets (whilst doing day-to-day legals too)

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The Challenge:

Depop were growing rapidly (in 2020 they quickly reached 25 million users globally) and recognised the importance of extending its reach to the US market as quickly as possible to ensure its continued success. Depop had a window of 3 months to launch in the US ensuring they were fully operational and compliant in the new market.

The Solution:

Working closely with Depop and US counsel, we guided them through the process of identifying risks in entering the US market. LegalEdge assisted with an analysis of the differences in US and UK legal requirements focussing on advertising and promotions, data protection and intellectual property protection. We updated processes and localised contracts while maintaining consistency across the group.

Building on the risk management work we had done in the UK, in the US we identified potential risks and produced an action plan. At the same time, we ensured ‘business as usual’ in the UK managing the day-to-day legals covering data protection compliance, user queries, supplier contracts, employment matters, brand protection, legal compliance relating to marketing and advertising strategy.

The Result:

The smooth emergence of the app into the US has been significant in Depop’s continued dominance in its sector. And as Gen Z’s favourite shopping app, it’s no surprise that the number of items sold via Depop in the US doubled last year.

“LegalEdge was a brilliant support to Depop as we launched our app/services in the US. Providing a single point of contact, they were an integral part of our operations team throughout the entire process. They helped us to analyse risk and to prioritise what was important, working with us to achieve our business objectives.”

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