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Hiring and incentivising staff when expanding into new markets

The Challenge:

A tech company based in the UK was expanding rapidly into EMEA. This presented some significant challenges, including how to hire and incentivise top talent across multiple countries, each with its distinct employment laws, cultural nuances, and competitive landscapes.

The Solution:

We worked with their people and legal team to address these challenges and ensure a smooth expansion process. Our approach focused on establishing consistency and adaptability as they ventured into new markets. Key components of our support included:

  1. Practical legal guidance and support: we provided practical legal guidance in each target market and helped the business decide whether/ where/ when to use EORs/ PEOs/ have separate legal entities for employing staff. By understanding and navigating the legal landscapes of each country, we helped them mitigate risk and ensure compliance with key employment legislation.
  2. Standardising and localising employment contracts and policies: working closely with the leadership team, we developed standardised employment contracts and policies that were both practical and transferable across different markets. These documents were designed to accommodate variations in local jurisdictions whilst maintaining consistency in their approach to hiring and managing staff.
  3. Implementing a scalable hiring processes: we helped establish a practical, scalable hiring processes that streamlined recruitment efforts while ensuring clarity and transparency for both the business and prospective staff. By standardising recruitment practices across different countries, we helped them maintain efficiency and mitigate potential legal risks associated with hiring practices.
  4. Tailored employee incentive schemes: recognising the importance of attracting and retaining top talent, we helped them, via our specialist network, to design tailored employee incentive programmes. They were carefully crafted to align with local market conditions and cultural expectations.
  5. Ongoing compliance monitoring and support: as they expanded operations, we provided ongoing support and guidance to ensure continued compliance with evolving legal requirements in each new market. This included periodic reviews of employment contracts and policies, as well as updates on relevant regulatory changes.

The Result:

By leveraging our expertise and guidance, this scaling company successfully navigated the legal complexities of hiring and incentivising staff during a complicated expansion into the EMEA. The implementation of standardised contracts, scalable hiring processes, and tailored incentive schemes not only facilitated smooth operations but also ensured that they remained competitive in attracting and retaining top talent across diverse markets. Moreover, our ongoing compliance monitoring and support helped mitigate legal risks and safeguard the company’s reputation and long-term viability in each region.

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