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Data Protection Myths

There’s still plenty of confusion around GDPR and data protection, so here Rustam Roy tackles some common myths that we regularly come across.

Myth 1: Once compliant, always compliant 

Myth 2: We’ve got a privacy policy and some other templates so we are ok 

Myth 3: No one will notice, hardly anyone is compliant 

Myth 4: Data protection laws prevent marketing 

Myth 5: You are required to have separate data processing agreement

Myth 6: If you breach data protection laws you get fined immediately

If you’re worried about any of the above we can help – we’ll work with you to put in place a practical data protection strategy that minimises reputational, legal and financial risk. We’ll also help you understand what personal data you hold and what you do with it. And we’ll get the right documents, policies and processes in place to ensure you stay compliant.

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