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Hiring internationally? When to use an EOR or PEO?


[Guest blog written by Omnipresent]

There are many reasons to hire internationally. Maybe you are expanding into a new region, or want to access a wider talent pool, bring diversity into your company, or hire experts who live abroad. 

But while hiring internationally can solve many problems, it can also lead to compliance issues; it’s easy to rush things and end up not following local laws, making a mistake like misclassifying workers or processing payroll incorrectly. 

But using an EOR or PEO can help. So what are these services, and how do they benefit your business from a compliance standpoint?

What’s an EOR?

Benefits of using an EOR:

What’s a PEO?

Benefits of using a PEO:

Differences between EORs and PEOs

Should you use a PEO or an EOR?

By using a global employment partner with local expertise like Omnipresent, your business will be equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and resources you need to build your team internationally.

To learn more, contact Omnipresent today to book a free consultation.

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