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Managing challenging hires

On occasion you will have complex challenging hires that are difficult to make. These will be costly in terms of both time and effort, in addition to the opportunity cost of the open headcount for an extended period. These roles could be senior leadership level or lower-level and replacement or new growth hires. Either way, they’re frustrating for all concerned. What can be done?

Andrew Parker, Founder & Managing Partner at Found Technology Partners (International Executive Search and Advisory firm) gives his top tips for managing those tricky hires:

Stakeholder alignment

What are the hiring difficulties?

Can the issue be put right?

Attractiveness of opportunity

Hiring criteria

DNA vs Experience

Hiring process

Candidate channels

Patience and persistence

The path to making a difficult hire is not straightforward and requires constant review, diagnosis and adjustment. It’s a process of learning and the key is to manage this as smoothly as possible and in as short a timeframe as possible. If you’re facing challenges with your team and recruitment at the moment get in touch for a chat and an introduction to the brilliant team at Found.

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