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Getting an ROI from your Brand (Trade Marks)

Check out our recent blog collaboration with Flinder where we highlight the importance and value of trade marks when you’re looking at building (and keeping) a strong brand identity. Simply registering your trade mark is not enough – effective management and strategic use of your trade marks are essential for realising a return on your investment. See our insightful tips on strategic branding, market recognition, licensing opportunities, international expansion, trade mark valuation and brand reputation management.

We also include some high-profile examples (or horror stories 😟), from the legal battles between ASOS and Assos, Boohoo and Ms Boo, to Threads Software Limited and Meta. These case studies underscore the importance of comprehensive trade mark strategies and vigilant brand management – especially in the fast moving landscapes of the tech and e-commerce sectors. The blog not only emphasises the benefits of obtaining a registered trade mark but also highlights the potential risks associated with rebranding. It’s definitely worth the 5-minute read. 

Flinder are also part of our growing community – find out more about them and our growing ecosystem here.

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