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Do in-house lawyers have an image problem? 

You are the company fixer who is there to support and enable business, manage legal matters and help keep risk under control. But often in-house lawyers are regarded as an obstacle, an unwelcome cost, something that AI can replace (see our blog Can I use AI instead of a lawyer?), only useful when something has gone very wrong or something urgent is needed – in which case your contribution is often under-estimated (e.g. “Hi this contract needs to be signed today please give it a once over and confirm it’s ok asap”.) 

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, if your role and contribution is misunderstood (or worse, invisible), you’ll be under appreciated, under rewarded and under promoted. So, what can in-house counsel do to demonstrate the considerable value they bring and ensure they get the credit they deserve?

You need to make sure colleagues understand what you do (and don’t do) and why. Don’t be embarrassed to blow your own trumpet about the ways in which you help the business (including revenue generation work, saving costs, etc.) and empower it to succeed. But also make sure colleagues understand your role. Don’t expect them to just know, particularly if they haven’t worked with a good in-house lawyer before or had much exposure to ‘legal’.

Show how you are helping advance business goals and strategy: 

Make sure the business understands what you do:

Talk in a language the business will understand:

Get involved in staff induction and training:

Be accountable: 

If you’re an experienced in-house lawyer considering making the move to a more flexible position but want to ensure quality work and interesting clients we’d love to have a chat. Drop us an email on 

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