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Cyber incident response planning checklist

What is a Cyber incident?

According to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), A cyber incident is:

“A breach of a system’s security policy in order to affect its integrity or availability and/or the unauthorised access or attempted access to a system or systems; in line with the Computer Misuse Act (1990).”

Irrespective of the nature of your organisation, its size, and the variety of systems used, it is highly likely you will suffer a cyber security incident at some point. Hopefully, it will be minor and cause limited damage, but there is always the risk of a major incident that has a significant impact on your organisation. So this needs to be a permanent entry on your risk register. Incident response starts with preparation and planning.

Incident Response: planning & preparation checklist:

Have a plan and supporting documentation

Have a team warmed up and ready to go

Identify relationships and authorities

Agree primary and secondary backup communication methods

Have incident analysis resources available

Train, practise and prepare for an incident

Clearly, no one wants to be hit by a high-impact incident, but if you are, your organisation will be in a much better place to mitigate the threat if you follow the steps set out above. 

If you do suffer from a cyber-attack, there are some critical steps you should follow for successful recovery, as well as some post-incident activities – view our Incident Response Recovery checklist.

Evalian are cyber security experts who are experienced in supporting organisations with incident response and providing internal employee training exercises such as phishing awareness assessments. They are CREST accredited and are also a certification body for Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus. 

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