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5 considerations for equipping remote workers

With increased adoption of remote work over the past two years, many jurisdictions have amended or enacted new employment laws relating to home working. In particular, many have increased workers’ rights concerning home working equipment and how employers should provision and manage this equipment.

Equipment management platform Hofy has provided an overview of the main health and safety considerations when providing remote workers with home office equipment.

1. Check local health and safety (H&S) requirements for providing equipment

2. Check equipment meets local H&S standards

3. Provide the ergonomic basics as a minimum

4. Ensure furniture is professionally assembled

5. Issue home specific workstation assessments

Hofy’s platform enables you to provide equipment to remote workers anywhere in the world in 1 click, while staying H&S compliant. To learn more about Hofy’s services or to book a free demo of their platform, visit Hofy’s website.

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