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The Great Resignation and the importance of a well drafted employment contract

Many businesses are experiencing the Great Resignation. A reaction to Covid-19, causing many to re-assess their priorities and lifestyle. But employment relationships come to an end for many reasons, and when it happens the last thing you need is a difficult break-up.

A well drafted employment contract can help you navigate the end of employment. By clearly setting out everyone’s rights and obligations uncertainty and disputes can be avoided. At the start of employment it isn’t realistic to try and second guess every possible scenario that may occur at the end. However, with a little thought, you can put together a framework that works when the time comes.

Here are some suggestions:

Probation Period

Notice Period

Garden Leave

Payment In Lieu of Notice (PILON)

Bonus and Share Options


Other Work

Post Termination Restrictions


Ownership of Social Media Accounts / Databases / Contact Lists

Return of Equipment / Documents / Deletion of Computer Files

Duties in Respect of Handover

How can we help?

We can provide or update your existing and template staff contracts to ensure they provide sensible legal protection. Contact us at

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