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Trouble Brewing: Tackling Workplace Bullying Early

Bullying is not confined to the playground; it is increasingly recognised as a serious issue in many of the UK’s workplaces. There is certainly more public awareness around workplace bullying, with individuals and charities more likely to take a stand against it.

It can lead to internal disruption and strain on resources, as well as negative publicity. Fast growing businesses, where there is pressure to get results quickly, may be at risk of producing a culture which is fertile ground for bullying. However, there are some easy steps which can be taken to mitigate against this.

What is bullying? 

Effects of bullying on individuals and organisations 

Legal risks

What can employers do? 

Case Study: BrewDog

We regularly help our clients draft and review their anti-bullying policies and deliver high quality training to ensure staff understand them. Our bespoke training looks at what is acceptable behaviour, how policies on equality, anti-harassment and anti-bullying work, give examples of how things can go wrong and considers why this matters.

Please get in touch if you would like help with your policies or to discuss our training packages.

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