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The hidden costs of employees working overseas

The recent pandemic has seen a significant shift in how we work, including remote and hybrid working models, which look set to become the norm. This change is underpinned by improved technology and new service providers (e.g Deel, Remote, Blueback, Omnipresent, etc), which enable staff to perform their roles without geographic limitation. Many people are opting to work from warmer climates or moving back to be closer to relatives and loved ones. This offers staff flexibility they often covet, without necessarily negatively affecting productivity – but what financial consequences can this have for an employer?

Below are the top 3 financial issues to consider if you have employees working from abroad.

1. Payroll, Benefits & Tax

2. Insurance

3. Company Status / Corporation Tax

So, whilst this new-found freedom and flexibility is positive in so many ways, it does potentially come at a significant cost – and this cost could be all the greater if you have multiple staff working in multiple jurisdictions and if the above points are not taken into consideration in a timely and proactive manner.

Budgeting the cost and working out the extra cashflow is critical if your finances are stretched, so get support. If you want to discuss the financial impact of international remote working in more detail EFM can help – drop them an email on

And if you have any questions or need help implementing any changes / updates to your working strategies or policies please get in touch on

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