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What is B Corp Certification?

Given the increasingly complex challenges facing the world today, businesses are being called upon to contribute towards making a positive change. For companies committing to making an impact in the world, it can be challenging to navigate the space and ensure that their actions are creating change. For those companies that want support in their impact journey becoming a certified B Corporation is a great way to start.

Certified B Corporations (B Corps for short) are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

B Corps exist as part of a wider movement demonstrating that businesses have the power to address some of society’s greatest challenges and to build a more inclusive economy. It is a recognition that companies need to move away from the concept of shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism, one that has a strong governance structure that supports the environment, workers, customers and the wider community.

Companies that commit to the movement can measure their impact in these areas. If they score high enough, commit to making a change to their governance structure and pledge to be transparent about their progress to being a better business, they can go on to become a B Corp

Who can get B Corp certified?

What’s the process and what do we need to consider?

Who is currently part of the B Corp community?

Why should I consider getting this for my business and what are the benefits of getting this?

How much does it cost?

How long does it take?

Can start ups certify?

Who can help me get certified?

If you’re considering getting B-Corp certified or are currently going through the process we can help with the legal requirements from changing articles of association, looking at enhanced directors duties or more generally getting some of the key building blocks like your policies in place. Get in touch if you want a chat.

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