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What is an EU Representative?

The EU Representative is a required appointment for most companies outside the EU which are affected by GDPR. The Representative serves two main roles:

  1. They are the point of contact for EU-based individuals and authorities that want to raise questions about the data processing activities or exercise their data rights of a non-EU organisation.
  2. They assist with enforcement of GDPR, for example by making and keeping required records of processing activities and liaising with the regulators.   

Which organisations need to appoint an EU/ EEA Representative?

What does the EU Representative do?

Who can (and cannot) be appointed as Representative and in which country (or countries) should they be based?

What has changed post-Brexit?

Do the new EU Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) have any effect on the EU Representative role?

Has there been any enforcement of the Representative obligation by Data Protection Authorities?

We can help you put in place a practical data protection strategy that minimises reputational, legal and financial risk. We can make sure you comply with the relevant data protection laws in the countries where you operate, and we’ll also make sure you have the right processes in place to ensure continued compliance. 

We work with DataRep who are a leading provider of the EU/ EEA and UK Representative services. They have a network of contact locations in all 27 EU countries, Norway and Iceland in the EEA and the UK. If you want to discuss any of your data protection requirements, including if you need a Representative, please get in touch.

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