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How does the pandemic affect you if you’re B2C?

The government has provided updated guidance on how businesses need to comply with consumer contracts and legislation, handle complaints, refunds and cancellations. 

Failure to comply can have a significant negative impact on brand reputation (see this article on how BA has been in the news over refund disputes) as well as a financial impact if fines are imposed.

The guidance is here:

Note that this is their view on how existing legislation operates, rather than any change of/ new law. Obviously new ‘lockdown laws’ have also been introduced and continue to be updated re self-isolation, local lockdowns, etc. And also guidance about how to get staff back to work safely, what financial support is available, etc (see our blogs on Getting Staff Back to Work and Financial Support for Businesses). 

Please get in touch on if you’d like to discuss any of the guidance or new legislation, or if you think your contracts or contracting processes need to be changed or updated.

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