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Dealing with recent HR issues

If you’re busy trying to get your head around the  changes you need to make within your business post lockdown the following process maps from ACAS are a good starting point: 

  1. Varying an Employment Contract

Are you considering making changes to employee contracts and/or terms of conditions of employment? This map helps you understand what is required of them along with statutory obligations and best practices. 

  1. Redundancy 

Are you in the difficult situation where you’re having to consider redundancies? This map helps you understand the redundancy process, required steps and also good practice when engaging with employees in these difficult circumstances.

  1. Return to the workplace

Are your staff returning to the workplace? This process map signposts recommended actions and provides guidance on how to achieve this transition whilst focussing on employee considerations and actions.

If you require any help in planning and implementing workplace change, testing your plans with business focused employment specialists as well as putting in place or updating your contracts and HR policies, please get in touch on

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