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100 contracts closed out fast for a complex global partnership

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The challenge:

Our enterprise software client wanted to ramp up, fast. It needed to sell its solutions via a global network of around 100 interested partners, all within 6 months.

Why LegalEdge?

We proposed a simple, streamlined approach. They also valued our in-depth knowledge of the enterprise software world.

What we did:

  • Designed a pragmatic, fair base partner contract which needed very little negotiation
  • Created ‘bolt-on’ schedules to handle any areas that vary among different types of partners
  • Localised partner contracts where needed to work effectively in numerous different countries
  • Negotiated and closed out all 100 contracts
  • Designed an end-to-end process

The results:

With negotiations reduced to a minimum, we got all 100 partner contracts agreed and completed within the 6 month timeframe. Our client boosted its sales and revenues exactly as they’d planned. And they had a strong and streamlined process in place to continue to grow longer-term.


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