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Fractional In-House Lawyers

Delivering in-house legal services to fast-growth companies

How do our fractional in-house lawyers help you?

Our fractional in-house legal solutions are ideal for fast-growth companies. You have a lawyer, who is your single point of contact working as an extension of your team. We prioritise what’s important, reduce risk and proactively manage legal strategy, workflow and budget using the right people, processes and tech.

With LegalEdge’s fractional in-house lawyers, your deals are closed quicker, getting revenue in faster. Your legal budget is under control, avoiding nasty surprises. Your people, assets and brand are protected. Here's how.

Our fractional in-house lawyer service saves time and money because we don’t over-lawyer, don’t do long contracts or endless negotiations and don’t put the clock on and leave it on. As an outsourced in-house legal service provider we don’t add to headcount and we’re not a law firm.

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