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Reducing the Risk of R&D Claims Failing

The UK Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit scheme is the most generous and most widely adopted means of supporting R&D in early-stage companies. Loss making start-ups can recover up to 1/3 of the cost of qualifying R&D as a cash rebate. May Figures, specialist tech tax advisers, give their tips on how to optimise your R&D claims.


To qualify, R&D must:

  • advance a field of science or technology,
  • seek the resolution of a scientific or technological uncertainty, and
  • not be obvious to a competent professional working in the field.

Tech start-ups usually carry out at least some activities that meet these requirements.

However, once the business has progressed beyond early Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and enters the scale-up stage the nuances of the scheme can catch out unsuspecting companies and inexperienced accountants and advisors.  

A reduced rebate can seriously damage cashflow and/or investor relations.

HMRC Investigations: 

Contracts (with partners, suppliers/sub-contractors, investors, etc):

Case Study

May Figures have extensive experience handling HMRC enquiries into R&D Tax Claims, successfully defending and in some cases, even increasing the value of client claims. If you want to discuss your R&D Claim with them, you can contact them on 

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