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IR35: Preparing in advance of April 6th 2020

Step 1: Decide if you are classed as a ‘small company’. If you are then you are exempt from the off-payroll working rules for now and IR35 still applies as it did before i.e. if they have one, a worker’s personal services company (PSC) carries the risk.

A company will be classed as small if it has at least TWO of the following:

  • Turnover of £10.2 million or less
  • £5.1 million on its balance sheet
  • 50 employees or less (measured by average no in a tax year)

Please note, if you are a UK subsidiary of a larger group with a foreign parent this could affect your small company classification.


Step 2: Identify which of your workers are currently providing services through intermediaries (direct or through an agency).


Step 3: Review the status of all existing contractors – you might want to consider using CEST – HMRC’s service to Check Employment Status for Tax ( or engaging with professional advisers.


Step 4: Analyze the results:

  • They are already PAYE – e.g. umbrella company worker – no action needed
  • They are working through a PSC outside IR35 – no change is needed but keep under regular review
  • Their status is grey or undetermined – can changes be made so they are outside scope?
  • They are working through a PSC but inside IR35 – in which case:
    • Assess if they are business critical
    • You will need to change their pay structure
    • NICs will need to be deducted at source so your costs will increase and/or the worker will receive less money

Step 5: Process and education:

  • Provide training for internal staff involved in hiring
  • Set up a process for status determination and challenges for existing workers and ensure existing contractors have been assessed pre April 2020
  •  For new hires ensure those with responsibility for hiring (both internal and external) have a process for determining status
  • Consider how processes for new hires might need to change post April (for example core roles are assessed in advance)
  • Make contractual changes

If you need help preparing for IR35 next April or have any questions please get in touch with us today.

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