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Managing Legal With the Right Tech

Case Study:  The big legal challenge for CFOs

For many businesses that are scaling-up, margins are tight and support staff are kept as lean as possible. As a CFO without a legal department, your role often evolves to assume responsibility over managing legal matters, minimizing risk, and instilling that knowledge throughout the business.

But without the right tools and legal support, you lack control, liabilities are hidden and no-one is accountable for the legal implications of their actions.

With our help a tool like effacts allows you to upload, manage and maintain data and documents easily. We can help get your legal strategy and budget sorted out, and then work with you to put the right contracts, templates and processes in place. Together effacts and LegalEdge can provide effective central oversight and governance of all your legal information – from contract and entity management to compliance and risk mitigation – without increasing headcount.

Check out the full case study here: Managing legal with the right tech

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