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The challenge:

Our client had been stuck in ongoing disputes with their sub-contractors. The law firm helping with the negotiations wasn’t being used effectively and costs were spiralling out of control.

Why LegalEdge?

We were chosen because of our affordable, transparent fee process and our knowledge of creating easy-to-use supplier contracts which require little negotiation.

What we did:

  • became the interface between the project staff and the law firm, using their specialists only where absolutely necessary
  • made sure that issues were dealt with quickly and effectively and we removed barriers to contract entry
  • introduced a proper sub-contractor end-to-end process – from procurement to contract and document management, all the way through to dispute resolution and final sign-off

The results:

Numerous contracts were closed, fast, and legal fees were immediately cut by £70-£85k per month. The new process dramatically improved relationships between our client and the sub-contractors, freeing them up to move forward. Our ongoing flexible support meant that the project team could resolve any ongoing issues quickly and cost effectively.


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